About Three Strands TW

Our Mission

We want you to understand that you are wonderful enough to deserve and powerful enough to achieve anything that makes your heart swell with joy.

We enable and equip people who are struggling with growth to clarify their vision and solidify their path so they can experience the thrill of progress and spur themselves on to success!

Our Core Values


We believe that discovering and embracing our individual strengths and styles is both powerful and freeing. We promise to be fully authentic, so you know you’re welcome and encouraged to do the same!


Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your ultimate good … in whatever that means for you. What that means for us is being honest in our approach, thorough in our feedback, and transparent in our communication. That enables a foundation of trust onto which we can create real and lasting change.


Building into people and helping them build into themselves brings us a deep sense of purpose and joy. It may be hard work, but our encouraging and joyful approach will make the effort feel easy.

Meet Your Coach

I am a lover of life, of travel, of good food and good conversation. I am passionate about my relationship with God, and I believe I can meet with Him just as well floating in the ocean as I can sitting in a church service. I think nature, in all her shades of possibility, is exquisite in her promise. And I can confidently say that I love you, even if I’ve never met you – I want the best for you and will give of myself to help you achieve it … and that is one of my favorite definitions of love.

My husband Jeff is everything I never knew I wanted, and while I didn’t even meet him until I was 33, I would have waited another 33 years for him. Our home is vibrant and filled with personality and purpose and puppies (3 German Shepherds).

I have spent focused energy in embracing all the things that make me uniquely me … and I can’t wait to help you do the same for yourself!


The Story of Three Strands TW

While my passion has always been people, the first 20 years of my career was focused on processes:

All these skills culminated in a Senior Management position by my early 30’s. And yet, I knew this wasn’t my purpose. My roles were process-driven when my heart was people-focused. My metrics were around profits and deliveries when my focus was on development of my team. Something was misaligned…

… until I realized that all the skills I’d mastered for the good of a process could also be used to the benefit of any individual looking to develop themselves:

I realized I could refocus 20 years of experience through a new lens for the good of individual people!

I am a lover of people – of all the intricacies and quirks that make them unique and special. The challenge is that we often learn to tone down these differences for the sake of fitting in or following the rules. So, what could have been developed as an asset to our lives has become an underutilized and rusty tool in our toolbox. One of the reasons I love being a coach is that I get to not only help clients remember and recognize their unique talents, but I also get to help them realize how they can be utilized for whatever they want to achieve.

The same can be said of our experiences! Barely a year into our marriage, Jeff began experiencing kidney failure due to a condition from birth. In the following years of daily dialysis, transplant, and recovery, I was able to use not only my education, but the experiences of my own health journey to create a solid foundation on which we would build our continued healthy lives. Every part of your life can be a step towards your goal.

You were made on purpose, exactly as you are, intentionally designed with the talents and passions that drive you and spurred on by all your life experience! Seeing those as benefits that propel you forward, learning to be comfortable in exactly who you are, trusting that you are all that you need to accomplish what you want … in that lies the power to create the life you want.

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